How to make money on Flippa

You may have not heard of Flippa but you definitely know what selling commodities is and what a website is. Flippa simply allows you to sell or buy a website like any other commodity. Flippa is a platform which allows site owners to offer the web properties to the market for sale. The platform does it better than any other company or website that does that. The brand leads in buyer base and the amount of money pulled within a particular time.

Flippa is thus a market place for those who want to make some money out of selling web properties. If you are the kind of person that wants to make money online, this is how you start flipping websites on Flippa to make money.

Buy and revamp existing websites

The trend is common with houses but has been perfected with websites. Traditionally, flipping houses was the norm. The process involved acquiring a property facing foreclosure, renovating it and listing it in the market for a higher value thus making profits. The same is possible with websites.

Website flippers buy website at a lower value and renovate them to make profits out of them. For instance, a site that has good content but has bad design can be purchased at a lower value and the design improved. The site is then put on Flippa for prospective buyers to acquire it. Your ability to separate the listed site from the junk and improve it is the genius of this approach of making money online.

How do you identify a website that has a potential to make money if revamped? Follow on these ideas on the potential of the website.

Check the past sale history of the site. Many webmasters start new sites and loose the site for whichever reason. There are a number of sites that made money in the past and due to some reason, they slowed down. These are signs that the site has potential. You can also check on sites that lack monetization models. You can pick on the opportunities that have been missed by the developers of the site and improve it to a higher value. Another way of identifying potential is checking on the content of the site. Sites that have all original contents have a potential to make sales.

Just like in the housing business, when flipping a site it is important to know the correct value of the site. The websites on Flippa sell at a cost that is a minimum of eight times the monthly revenue they will generate. To get the right price, get a multiple that is at the lower end of the observed range.

Develop a site from scratch

To build a site that is ready for sale and to start flipping websites on Flippa , develop an AdSense website that is targeted to a profitable long-tail key word. Find a long-tail keyword that has low competition and a high average CPC. After doing that, purchase an exact match domain and make sure you install WordPress. Then put up to 10 unique articles on the site and send traffic over. The site could earn between $20 and $30 per month. You can resell the site for eight times its value.

The trick is driving traffic to your newly created site. You can find the various ways that you can use to drive online traffic and take advantage of the revenues from online marketing to increase the value of the site before selling it. More work may be needed when starting a website from scratch. However, the profit margin is great.

What you should know as you flip your website and become successful

It is always important that is you are selling something; let the market determine its value. The market is the ultimate decider on the value of the product. Accept the biding and appreciate it. Ensure that your previous buyers are aware of your new sales intention. Let them have a chance to bid. This is a tradition trend in business. Return customers may surprise you and appreciate your work more. It is also advisable to give better than required. Put more content than described and if possible add little more with the sales. Remember quality sells and flipping websites on Flippa is no exception.

By Darius Gaynor

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